15 Feb

New Haribo Starmix Advert 2014

It’s been a good start to the year for new TV adverts in terms of quirkiness and quality. We’ve seen some excellent ads in recent weeks with Cadbury and McVitie’s both producing eye-catching videos making inroads on the Social Media scene.

The Cadbury Dairy Milk advert has gone down so well that lots of people have been tweeting ‘Yes sir, I can boogie.’ whilst the McVitie’s TV advert for their chocolate digestive biscuits has had people sighing with affection at the sight of cute little kittens and puppies emerging from packets of tea dunkers.

With these two advertisements going head to head in recent weeks, it’s now time for a new player to hit the 2014 advertisement scene and try and make an impact. The new kid on the block is Haribo – with a very funny take on boardroom antics. The new Haribo Starmix advert 2014 is executed very well with a lip-syncing master-class that makes this advert one of the funniest for years. Well done Haribo! Let us know what you think of the advert!

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